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September 10, 2008


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Cee, you have a nice way of drawing the reader into the "past" you are trying to imitate, and your rugs are truly “old”.

I can say, absolutely for sure, without a doubt, that it is a GOOD thing you are now an EAL artisan. You have hit the mark undoubtedly with your rugs…they are OUTSTANDING! You are truly worthy of the award.

I “get” the one with the little knots…just like a hand knotted quilt, I love the piece of pie (triangle) and the hit and misses seems SO hit and miss!

Ohmigosh, you are going to sell them all sooooo fast! Get stitching!

All the best to you, happy stitching from Colleen


Really nice rugs are you still making them, nice to see the history and thought behing producing them


Please one more post about that.I wonder how you got so good. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect

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